Scheduling Time For Online Classes If you are going to college part-time while you work, consider taking classes online, possibly in addition to traditional classes. One of the best things about online classes is that you set your own schedule in terms of when you login. That means you can work full time, or take care of your family, or both, and still find time for school. But just because you choose your time for class work, doesn't mean you don't need to schedule that time. You'll perform better, and have less stress, if you have specific times to log on and work on your assignments, as well as time for independent study. It's best if you can log in every day, and check messages and announcements, and read the discussion posts from other students as well as responses to your own posts and assignments. Plan to log in every day, and set specific times for class work. Scheduling a specific time even if the assigned tasks don't require a set time makes it easier for you to keep track of what your responsibilities and assignments are, it will help you engage with the instructor and other students.You may need to participate in scheduled class chat sessions, for instance, as well as post and respond to discussion and forum posts. Make sure you keep a local copy or a print out of any class discussion posts or online work that you submit. You can usually even log chat sessions, though you may have to resort to copying and pasting the text into a word processor document. Keep in mind that you'll probably be graded for class postings and discussions. When the instructor assigns a discussion or post topic, take the assignment as seriously as if you were writing an out of class essay. Write a rough draft, using pen and paper or a word processor offline. Revise it, and proofread it before posting. [This post was originally written for College Adviser in 2012]